23 sextremists from around Europe, with EU-swastikas painted on their breasts gathered for the spring camp and the planned demonstration against Front National in Paris. Femen use their bare breasts and slogans to get media attention. Without media their message would not be heard. April 22nd 2014 the French extreme right-wing party Front National launched it's campaign for the european Parliament elections the 25th of May. Femen appeared at Marine Le Pen press conference denouncing the coalition of european extreme right-wing parties with their objective to contaminate Europe into a fascist and nazi union. During the election on the 25th of may The French National Front performed strongly. National Front stormed to victory 25%, 25 seats. Extreme right parties have seized ground in the elections to European Parliament.

Inna Shevchenko member and leader of the Ukrainian Feminst protest group Femen, yells "We are not here to please anyone. Keep your fists shut and never smile. Femen aims are radical and their naked attacks are visual. An activists body becomes the tool towards the hatred for the patriarchal order. Their bodies and bare breasts are their weapon. But a demonstration can never be held without a cameraman. The media is an important link to spread the word of Femen activists to ensure maximum coverage. In 2013, Shevchenko was granted political asylum in France and have together with other activist been ocuppiying a rundown theatre in Paris as their headquarter. In the headquarter activist Inna Shevchenko and six other girls live and lead the Femen International Movement from the building. In the building they have established a training base for future Femen activists.

Femen consider themselves as the special force of feminism, a spearhead militant unit, modern incarnation of fearless and free Amazons. Sextremism is a fundamentally new form of women´s feminist activists developed by Femen. The group has been fighting for women rights and protesting topless since 2010.