St Brieuc Photoreporter Festival 2015

I´m honored to be one of the photographers selected to exhibit at the St Brieuc Photoreporter Festival later this year. So far renowned photographers like Carla Kogelman (South Africa), Arianna Sanesi (Italy), Kieran Dodds (GB), Majid Saeedi (Iran) and Ruth Macdowall (NZ) are among the selected photojournalists.

I received a grant from St Brieuc in collaboration with World Press Photo to continue my photographic journey in Moldova. The project "Silent Land" will be a monumental journey of silent portraits through a forgotten corner of Europe. I will document children sleeping in the fields guarding the crops and travel along the Dnietsr river that separates Moldova from Transnistria. In addition to the frozen conflict that characterizes the area around the Dnietsr river, Dniestr is also a haven for the Moldovans, a place were you go on vacation and young people party in the summer. I will work on the project in July, and hopefully I will blog and instagram when I have access to wifi.