Why not discover Sweden through one of the swedes most common everyday life custom.

Swedes having their regular coffeebreak or taking a Fika.

In June 2012 I travelled through Sweden to photograph moments of Swedish Fika. The people I portrayed shows part of a Swedish cultural heritage, while traveling on a stunningly journey through our country. Hitchhiking from Malmo to Arne (the farmer) and Ali in GårdstjärnMedelpadTaking the train from swedish towns -Sundsvall- Åre -Östersund-Mora-Arvika-Hjo and then back to Malmö.

This is the beginning of my story about Swedish Fika, an ordinary and unremarkable picture of Sweden and “fikafolket” (the fikapeople). With Sweden's changing landscape and picturesque houses as background showing one of the world heaviest coffee drinkers taking a Fika moment. I experienced short but intimate encounters with people that I was passing on my trip through Sweden. 

Swedish fika has become a trend overseas. But in Sweden we have gone from a narrow selection of brewing coffee, almond cookies, mazarin and seven kinds of cookies to embrace colourful cakes like American cupcakes, French macaroons and sweet Turkish baklavas. We drink strong coffee beverage like espresso, macchiato and Greek coffee. There is an abundance of different types of coffee: you can basically pick and choose from which coffee-producing country you want in the grocery store.

Sweden is one of the top 10 heaviest coffee drinking countries in the world.